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More grading success ...

Congratulations to the young people that graded who attend our classes at St. Chads and Bowerham School, the latter as part of the extended program and in the evening on the regular sessions. Please note all that graded are listed below but not all are pictured, as permission is withheld or we didn't manage to get a photo done. If anyone wants to share grading pictures, please forward on to me and we will feature.

Esmae Webster 12° kyu 🤍

Unasaih Patel 12° kyu 🤍

Braxx Bryam 9° kyu 🧡

Daniel Tomlinson 9° kyu 🧡

Esme Ibbs 8° kyu ❤

Boris Stoykov 7° kyu 💛

Raphael Gouw 2° kyu 🤎

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