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Raphael making the grade

Raphael went down to Winthorpe for the Brown and Black Belt course today, trained and did a mock grading with Senseis Simon Bligh (6th Dan), Julie Nicholson (6th Dan) and John Holdsworth (6th Dan). He was the sole representative from the dojo there but this is often what it takes. Every black belt that has graded through our dojo has done no less. Well done Raphael! Great feedback, more work to do still but the boy done go

od! Tomorrow he will be at the HDKI GB National Squad training in Dudley. No rest! You have to step up and put yourself out there to even gain the privilege to grade for Shodan. There are no short cuts to success! That's the price! #karate #karatekids #roadtoblackbelt #kuroobi #trainhard #squadgoals #WhateverItTakes #Attitude #spirit #dedication